The Top 5 Things Men Want From a Woman They Will Date and Marry

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Published: 24th November 2010
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I asked a question of quite a few guys what they thought was the 5 most important things that they looked for in a lady that they would settle down with and marry and be really happy. With all the answers that came in I distilled a list of the top 5 things a man looks for in woman. Here they are ladies.


Many people demand honesty in their relationships and this is the most popular answer when I surveyed 500 women in my Taxi Cab I used to drive. It was interesting to see this in the top 5 of the guys too. Any relationship that is based on half truths and lies and deception is not going to be a very healthy relationship and sadly if half of the marriages end in divorce, I can't imagine how many of the remaining 50% are happy and healthy marriages.


For a couple to be very good for each other they have to share things that they like and they have to have some things that are different. Men are not looking for two people in a marriage with individual ideas about life and love, but they are looking for a wife that can share with them many things in common and to be part of a divine oneness.

Men by in large are not wanting to compete with a wife but want to champion them,to complete them, and compliment them. A man that is sold out to his wife and adores her who is mentally stable and a wife that feels the same way about her man, and who acts the same way can become an almost unbeatable combination in life and in success.

The men interviewed said many things about this, they all seemed to agree that there has to be some gel that keeps them stuck together and therefore compatible to each other.

Same Goals and Visions.

The men who spoke about this shared that it was vital to them that the lady in their life merged with him with her goals and her visions. They said that the real strength came in the marriage when it was a partnership that shared common goals and life time visions.

This does not mean that both the man and woman might not be doing entirely different things for work and in business, but when it came down to marriage they set goals as a team effort and worked toward a shared vision.

I have no problem with a very successful woman in my life and if I was married I would not suffer if my wife was more successful in her career or ministry than me, but at the end of that day we would be working as a team and not two individuals.

Sexual Compatibility

Of course most women would say all men thinks about is sex and good looks in a woman, but it runs deeper than that.

It was important to the men that they enjoyed a mutual enjoyable sex life with their partner. They said that a partner that was not sexually compatible with them was a problem in a serious relationship.

Women live out their love and respect for their man in the bedroom. A woman that is every upset and disappointed with a man's behavior finds it very hard to enjoy making love to a man she is with. So it takes a lot of care for a man to find the right balance with his wife to keep her happy and sexually fulfilled.

One man said, I feel like I am the luckiest man on earth. I love spending time with my wife, I worship my wife's body and can't wait to be with her, and I trust and respect her so much! I hope you find the same, and good luck!!

Ability to work through the hardest of times together

It was very important to the men to have the security of knowing that their partner is not going to jump ship when tough times come. The men found that they were happiest with a wife that can weather the storms of life with them and hold on no matter how bad things were getting.

I hope this article was very helpful to all you ladies who read it.

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