The Steps of a Righteous Man Are Ordered by the Lord

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Published: 24th November 2010
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Scripturally speaking, the people that are righteous are led by the Lord God through the unction of the Holy Spirit. If you are being led by the Lord each step of your life, then life can be really interesting, enjoyable and fruitful.

Many people who live the Christian life have no clear direction to go from day to day with life decisions. Many people are wondering which way to go that come and ask me on a prophetic website that I run.

The scriptures say that the righteous persons steps, or the righteous persons decisions are given to them by God, and so why is it that so many people are living without any clear direction. I think the case is that they do not know they are meant to be led by God and they do not know how to be in right standing with God and therefore righteous.

If you do not know that God can direct your steps you may miss Gods voice and leading when it comes. You may put the thought down to your own imagination. But if you are aware that God is supposed to lead you, than you are very aware when the Holy Spirit directs you and you are ready to take action. The Holy Spirit is a gentlemen and does not force His way on any person. He will gently lead you and give you direction but He won't blast you very loud that you cannot hear anything else that is happening.

It says in the Book of Proverbs that wisdom is found in many counselors. True Godly wisdom is rare and yet if you gather around yourself good honest and very well behaved and righteous people, asking their advice can become part of the direction the Holy Spirit can use to guide you.

I pray that this has helped you.

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