The Most Important Things Women Look For in a Man

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Published: 25th November 2010
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The question was posed to quite a number of women: "If you are really pretty and you are educated, what do you look for in a guy that you are going to give your life to and marry and partner with for life? What are at least five qualities that you look for?" When I distilled the most popular answers in no set order of priority the list of qualities included those that are in this article. Men, pay attention, women do you agree with this list?


The women were very big on this quality in the man that they wanted if they were going to be serious with him. They did not want him running off when another offer came up and did not even want him to entertain the idea of a little on the side. They wanted a man to commit with his whole heart.


An educated lady did not want a man that they had to support. They wanted to know that without her he could get by. She was most happy to know that the man was a force to be reckoned with and could look after her, and therefore make a good provider.


The ladies expressed that they wanted to find a man that was very content within himself and did not need her to be happy. Sure, they wanted affection but it was a big turn off to them to find a man that seemed desperate and not content without a woman.


The ladies liked the fact that man could turn his hand to most things and do some hard stuff around the house without having to call in others.

Healthy/in Shape

The pretty women thought to was quite essential that their man was keeping healthy diet and a lifestyle. The fact that the man was in shape came up very often. They like to see that the man can look after himself and does not need a mother or a wife to keep fit and eat well.


Steady Career

The professionals wanted a man that was stable and was in a good career that could be counted on when it came to a mortgage and making a good life. They were not happy with stability and not happy with someone that was washing dishes for a living.


The ladies wanted the man in their life to not be proud and a show off. They admired quite confidence and humility in the man that they were going to be around.


The women wanted to be treated well and too have men that were thoughtful and could make them happy and emotionally secure. They did not want words, but they wanted actions that displayed that their men cared and really appreciated them.


It seems that tall dark and handsome was not a myth at all. The women did not find shorter men particularly a turn on to them!


The women wanted to know that they could trust a man through all the storms of life. They wanted him to be the same man that they loved no matter what was going on. They wanted to be sure that they could depend on their man and that the man could be trusted to always be there and stable.


They wanted a man that could be supportive to them both emotionally and financially. They wanted a man that would stick up for them in a hard time, and who would lift them up and keep them on their feet when they were facing hard times personally.


Easy Going

They wanted a man that can be easy to live with. Intensity was a turn off to them. They expressed that they admired a man that could be driven, ambitious and passionate about the things he loves and works at, but they want him to come home and chill out also. They want to be around a man that can laugh and basically be fun to live with, with no stress.

Simple, yet complex

They want a man that can tell some very simple stories and talk plainly with easy to understand language, but still be deep and profound and a very complex man when you get to know him. They were not impressed with big words, and more impressed a man that can speak to anyone and yet when he needs to step it up a gear can rise and speak very complex things and still be understood at that deeper level.


This was not the last on the list by any mean, but the most popular of all responses. I only put it right down here so that only the people that were really interested would find the gem. Many of the readers would have been turned off because it was not mentioned already, yet it is here and on the list.

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