Supernatural Visits to Heaven, Hell, Meeting Jesus, Angels and the Saints in Visions

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Published: 17th November 2010
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Some people may approach this subject and go out of their way to share stories like these with you. Some people place a lot of worth on people who have encountered some of the things I have experienced. I started this page only because I was sharing most of what will be written here with a guy who maintains a web site on supernatural encounters some more famous people have had in visits to heaven and hell. I wanted to share with him some of my encounters as an afterthought when requesting some CD's from him.

I want to say that I have experienced some scripture in my life and what is impossible by man was made possible by Jesus and his Father through their sovereign will and their abundant grace. If you get anything out of what I share here in these articles, try and get the meaning of these verses in your head and strive to do your part in all of them to activate what could be something supernatural for you too!

Matthew 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Let me walk you through these verses. If you haven't a life where you have reached the stage of saying that you are totally dependent on Jesus, well perhaps you might not see heaven. But if you are poor in spirit it is possible for you to see heaven before you die.

Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy.

On many occasions I have been merciful, not as many times as Jesus I am sure of that, but at times I have shown mercy and perhaps because of that the Lord Jesus had mercy on me a sinner and let me experience what I have so far.

Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God.

When you have a pure heart a heart like that of Nathaniel's where Jesus said his heart had no guile, you can and will meet God one day. In Jesus I have seen God, and yet on one visit to heaven I experienced a cloud like ball of light on the throne as God the Father invited me to sit next to Him.

John 14:21 He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.

I have seen two versions of this verse because each of them bring out a meaning. When Jesus said this to His disciples it was meant for us today. Just because we live 2000 years after these words were spoken, it doesn't mean the commands of Jesus are null and void today. In fact, Jesus said four times between the last supper and the crucifixion that if someone was to prove their love for Him, they should do it through obeying His commands.

He went on to say if a person doesn't love Him, he won't obey His commands. I have not shared this teaching with many people who could look at the fifty teachings of Jesus/his commands and agree that we should follow them to the letter today. Many people say that you can't take Jesus literally when he said these commands and they'll say you are stupid to suggest that Jesus really meant to cut out your eyes if they are causing you to sin. Yet the sad fact of the matter is that there will be a few people who end up in hell because of addictions to pornography and spiritual adultery and wished they had cut out their very eyes.

This scripture means quite literally that if you obey Jesus and His teachings then He will let Himself be known more fully by you. He will show you more and more of His character and how He feels about things. And if taken to the extreme it means also that you can see Him before you go to heaven.

John 14:21 Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.

Though I don't read the NIV anymore, this rendering makes it clearer. Scriptural speaking, I have every right to claim that I have met Jesus and He has taken it upon Himself to show Himself to me.

Meeting Jesus in the homeless

In fact in the midst of two relationships built with homeless people, I met Jesus in them when He came into them and started to speak with their voice to me. In my life there has only been one homeless person who has ever given me more then I have given him. When you love and mix with the homeless, and you have a soft heart like mine, the money seems to only flow one way.

The first time I met Jesus in a homeless person we had just shared a pizza with a homeless drinker in a country town called Tamworth in Australia. In the midst of speaking to him his voice changed in its tone and my friend with me started to cry as we realised that our homeless companion was in a trance like state and Jesus was re- assuring us that all the work we were doing for Him was right and what He wanted us to do and that we should not worry.

The second time we met Jesus in a homeless person was at the same town. In the midst of talking to a lady that lived on the streets she said,

"Look at those stars in the sky."

We both looked.

Then she continued. "My father made them. Do you know he knows every good heart in the world and he weighs every deed that people do. I told you that the church you were going to was not good for you both, but you doubted me and trouble happened. You need to learn to do as I say and to obey what I say.

Then she looked at my friend and reached into her shopping trolley and unwrapped and ceramic angel and gave it to my friend. He was shocked by it and his eyes filled with tears when Jesus said through her. "Your mother told me to give you this so you can think of her."

My friend started to cry openly as his mother was dead. Then the lady came out of her trance and asked us if we had any smokes we could give her. My friend gave her ten dollars and told her to buy a new packet.

Some people might scoff at these stories but I have also seen a drunk in the street going off about injustice and spiritually sensed Jesus in the message and asked Him and Jesus laughed and said, "Well someone's got to speak up."

The one time I ever asked Jesus for money in my life I was given a fifty dollar note by a homeless Christian I know. When I said I couldn't take it, he said I have to because Jesus had told him to give it to me. Here I had spent the whole night looking down on the road hoping Jesus would let me find twenty dollars and at the end of the night on my way home, this guy gives me fifty.

I left him and on the way home I got a coke and then I had some change. One guy asked me for change for some smokes and I gave him about eight dollars. Another girl asked me for a dollar and I felt led to ask her how much she needed to collect to do what she needed to do. She looked up at me with guilt for even having to admit she needed more and then by faith she said the truth. She needed twenty dollars. I gave her a twenty dollar note and she started to weep and weep. She was so overcome with the shock of it that I had hard time getting away from her. When I got home, I looked at my wallet and guess what?

I had the twenty dollars I had asked for at the beginning of the night.

Jesus said, "freely you have received, freely give!"

The next day, I went to all you can eat pizza for lunch hut for $8.00 and got a movie ticket, Tuesday the cheap day at the movies for about $8.00 and I had enough for a extra large coke at movie rip off prices to take to the movies.

I have never asked the Lord for money since that day, but my friends it seems that the poorer my friends, the more willing they are to give me a free meal these days.

Visiting hell, not once, but twice

You might also be interested that I have been to hell in my mind where I was on earth but inside my mind, God allowed me to go to hell. I didn't see anything but I heard it. It was for two sessions of ten minutes each. The first ten minutes I didn't know what was happening in my head but the second ten minutes Jesus told me I had heard hell and that I was to go back for another ten minutes and hear it again without the fear.

You know the scariest thing about that experience was that when it happened the first time, it seemed that a thousand people at once were swearing at Jesus and at each other. I had experienced voices in my head at other times and in a stage of serious delusion thought I was talking to saints in heaven, but I had never encountered a thousand angry voices like this. I thought I had gone so mad that there was going to be no return.

For many years I have been able to ask Jesus to answer a question and He will answer it for me or at least speak to me, but when this thousand voices started I was pleading for a full ten minutes for Jesus to at least talk to me and for him to turn the voices off. The most scary thing about Hell for me was this: For the first time in my life Jesus, my friend, since I was eight, was not talking to me. I cried for ten minutes and it seemed that I had done something so bad that I had become like Saul Israel's first king who lost the Holy Spirit and was tormented from that day on.

I had been doing some really weird and twisted communication with other entities and people on earth in my mind and without any church or Christian fellowship I had thought I had telepathically converted a whole host of pagan witches. Of course for someone who was suffering this mental illness at that time, I was open to deception and was very actively dong some stuff that my super enlightened soul didn't think was wrong with God.

But suddenly a thousand un-welcome voices started swearing and screaming in rage in my head and my one and only friend Jesus it seemed couldn't even hear me. Man, it is the scariest feeling in the world, not so much to hear the cries of hell, but to be in a place where you feel you are in super big trouble with Jesus Christ to a point where He had sent you into a crazy state of mind and simply would not talk back to you.

Can Jesus hear the cries of the people in Hell? I reckon He could if He wanted to. Yet my experience and my thoughts on it since sort of tell me that people who end up there who at once stage did know Jesus are going to suffer so very much from the fact there is no Holy Spirit communication down there.

After ten minutes the voices stopped and suddenly Jesus was talking to me again. He then told me not to freak out and that he was going to send me back for another ten minutes. But this time I was to relax and listen and really get a feel for the place where he was sending me and that He promised that He would be back after the ten minutes and so not to fear. The second time even though Jesus had re-assured me seemed even scarier as I started to have real compassion on those people that where stuck there!

Let me tell you. Some people don't think a person that is saved can go to hell. I have seen plenty of scripture that says otherwise. But the one thing I want people to know one day, is that it is NOT a place you want ANYONE to go to not even the person who raped you as a child. We need to forgive and we need to become holy and we NEED to go and share the good news with every single person we meet. It will only take one personal visit to hell for anyone for them to decide that it's not a place for humans to live for eternity. Forget the fire! Contemplate being in a place where it has none of the qualities of God, forever!! Okay let me change the subject.

Five visions of heaven

The biggest

I also have had a five notable visions of heaven also, whilst still in my body yet my mind showed me heaven in a vision. I got to sit on the right hand side of the Father.

Three weeks before that vision I was listening to a song that says, "I could sing of your love forever." And that line just repeats and repeats like it is going off into eternity. Whilst I heard the line the first time, I said to Jesus, "you know you have brought me so far and done so much for me, I really could sing of your love forever."

For twenty years I was stuck in a sexual addiction and this occurred after six weeks of not complying and the Lord through prophecy from a friend had told me he had set me free from that sin and given me a scripture verse to hold onto in faith. So when I said that to Jesus, I was very very thankful and very aware of what sort of mess I have been most of my life.

Then a minute passed and the song said, "I could sing of your love forever and continued to repeat that line. It sounded a bit different and Jesus said to me right then, "Yes imagine me singing this song to you Matthew." Can you imagine? Then I heard him singing it on the stereo to me. After the song had finished and I had stopped crying He said to me very gently. "One day in front of the courts of heaven I am going to sing that song to you in front of everyone and on that day, all those assembled will know that I love you and that I could very well sing of your love forever."

You know, in the past year as I have typed prophecy to people and on a number of occasions I have been used as a vessel and heard Jesus speak to a person direct using my mouth for half an hour or so, I have come to know Jesus to be the most loving and sweetest man in the universe. One day He spoke through me to a young girl and she conversed with Him for forty five minutes. He was so wonderful with her and He answered her every question even if he had to tell her that the answer was not profitable for her to know at the time, He still gave her answers.

And when He told me that one day He will sing that in front of everybody in the throne room on that day, I just broke down in tears of happiness and sadness and unbelief that I was worthy for that.

And then three weeks later Jesus took me to heaven in a vision whilst I was in a prayer session with a counsellor. When I entered heaven robe He was wearing onto me, put a crown on my head and took off His signet ring and put in on my hand. Then he led me into the throne room of heaven and walked me up to the Father. On the way through the crowd as we approached the Father I kept on falling over and Jesus kept on picking me up and giving me the strength to continue. I later realized that I was falling under the power of God's holiness and anointing and it was taking spiritual infusions of Jesus' holiness and grace or whatever to get me to my feet again.

I got to the front of the podium or stairs that went up to the throne. On the throne I could see was this ball of light and I knew that I was looking at what one of the Prophets described as the Father. Then Jesus let go of my hand and I heard the distinctive voice of the Father say come up here son and sit at my right hand.

What do you do? God tells you to do it, you do it. Plus the prayer counsellor urged me as he heard me saying what was said and what was being seen.

I sat on the throne next to the Father and then some music started. I looked down and Jesus with a shining white robe started to sing. "I could sing of your love forever." And he just sang that line for what seemed a minute.

Then a whole lot of men started to walk up in front of the throne and names started coming to my head. The prayer counsellor asked me what was happening and I was able to tell him that it seemed like all the famous people out of the Old Testament were coming to stand in front of me and acknowledge me.

Then the line of men finally stopped and one man was standing there in front of me. He stood there and he smiled at me. And the name that came to my mind was Joseph, the dreamer of big dreams. I told the counsellor guiding me through the vision who it was and right then he asked me what was the colour of the robe that Jesus had put on me. I just assumed it was white, as Jesus is always seeming to be seen in white and yet seeing as this man asked me I looked down. And lo and behold the robe was the robe of many colours, the robe that Jacob gave his favourite son.

You know as I type this, I remember a man once said to me that I was a Jew. And that I was going to be a mighty man of God and that I was descended from Benjamin the last son of Rachel and the one that killed her in childbirth. Benjamin was the last son and he was the father's favourite son in his old age. At one stage in my life, I thought of changing my name from Matthew Payne to Matthew Benjamin Jacobson.

This meant Matthew...grace of God

Benjamin....Son of my right hand.

Jacobson....son of Jacob

And here I was in heaven with the coat of many colours with Joseph one of my childhood heroes looking at me and through the GRACE of GOD, I was sitting at the RIGHT HAND of the FATHER of CREATION and I was sitting and being honoured with JOSEPH'S robe who was Jacobs first favourite Son.

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