Prophetic Evangelism - 5 Tips to Overcoming Your Fear of Prophesying Over Strangers

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Published: 24th November 2010
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I have been approaching strangers for about nine years with messages using the three gifts of prophecy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and prophecy. In all these nine years, I have come up with 5 Tips that will conquer your fear of practicing prophetic evangelism.

Tip 1 - Pray first.

The very first thing that I do is that I ask the Lord Jesus to go before me in the day and to lead me to the people that He wants me to talk to. This is not always just the people He wants me to speak prophetically to. I have many ways of witnessing and have had many years doing it. I have written hundreds of articles and my articles are pretty good at witnessing for themselves.

My prayers to meet the right people leads to the right people to sit next to me on a train that I can witness to.

It helps me know the people that God wants me to approach in a shopping centre are the right people.

Tip 2 - Let the Lord show you who to talk to.

It is always a good fear buster to know the person that the Lord Jesus is showing you by having their skin glow a little bit more than other peoples' skin. It is always a good thing to see the people that God wants you to speak to standing out from the rest of the people.

It does not take long to get this gift of being able to identify the people that the Lord wants you to speak to. When you have prayed for the Lord to open up opportunities, you can be sure when a person stands out that it is a person that God wants you to talk to.

Tip 3 - Say a quick prayer to overcome nerves.

Still today after doing thousands of prophetic words with strangers fear can still rise up in my heart and I find it very helpful to say a quick prayer and lay hands on my heart and ask for the Lord Jesus' peace. It's no good approaching a person hyperventilating.

Tip 4 - Ask the Lord what the message is

One very good way to calm nerves is to hear what the Lord is going to say to the person that He wants you to approach.

One time the Lord wanted me to approach a very attractive girl with the prophetic gifts. It can happen anywhere at any time. This time the young girl was so stunning I was too shy to approach her when the Lord Jesus told me to. The Lord Jesus asked me if the lady was plain to look at, I would approach her but seeing as she was so good looking I wouldn't. I replied yes that was the case.

He then asked me if He could share with me the message that He had for the young girl.

"Yes okay," I said.

He said, "Tell her that she has been praying for years for something that she wants very much however that is not what is best for her. She thinks if she can bug me enough, like I said for people to do in the parable then I would answer her prayer. Tell her that I don't want what she wants in her life and that if she would just let go of that request I will soon give her something a whole lot better."

I went and told the girl and she was happy that I told her.

Tip 5 - Know that you only have to do what the Holy Spirit says to do

Some people think that every effort in prophetic evangelism has to end with a conversion. This may happen more if you have a stall in a place where people approach you. There is just too much pressure if a person thinks that they have to lead everyone that they approach to give their lives to Jesus.

You only have to do what the Holy Spirit wants you to do. Most of the time in my life I have been planting seeds in peoples lives. People are really surprised that I know so much about their life and they are really happy when I bring them a comforting message.

You too will have a lot less fear when you know you only have to do what the Holy Spirit wants you to do in each case.

I don't know if you have ever stood at a Christian outreach to listen to some great songs and had an over zealous Person try and convert you. They ask you if you are a Christian, and when you say yes, they proceed to try and convert you or insult people by asking them do they speak in tongues.

This is exactly how you sound when you try and convert a person when the Holy Spirit it not leading it. Better to leave a wonderful taste in a person's life with a wonderful prophetic word than try and do more then God wants you to do.

Let me pray for you:


Lead these people with your Spirit. In your Son's name Jesus Christ, anoint these people with a new anointing. Lead these people to someone that can teach them more about the three prophetic gifts and who can teach them how to do prophetic evangelism. Lead them by your Holy Spirit.

Father let your Holy Spirit wax strong in this reader and if they cannot get someone to teach them in the prophetic gifts, you give them the gifts Father right now and use you Holy Spirit to teach them how to walk in them and be effective. Father make them as productive as me and let them enjoy doing it as much as I do.

Lord lead your people to You and more of You. Lead them into prayer and into praise as they seek Your face and are filled with Your desire to reach the people in the world. Lord let all these people who read this not only have the gifts manifest, but become stars in the prophetic.

In Jesus name Amen Be Blessed

Matthew Robert Payne

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