Now You Can Have the Gift of Prophecy and Do a Personal Prophecy

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Published: 24th November 2010
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It is a wonderful position to be in to be blessed with the gift of prophecy. It seems that everyone could do with a personal prophecy from the Lord. It is such a joy to walk with the Lord and work in the harvest and encourage Christians and non Christians with the gift of prophecy.

My life has changed since the Lord raised me up with the gift of prophecy. It is such a joy to be able to walk up to a total stranger in prophetic evangelism and give them a personal prophetic word off God. To see the shock in peoples eyes, to see the joy as their eyes fill with tears gives the person blessed with the gift of prophecy such a wonderful life.

Personal prophecy is a wonderful thing to receive. It blesses your heart when you receive it and it goes on to bless your heart for years to come as you meditate on it year by year. It is my wish that more people had the gift of prophecy and to that end I personally pray for people to get the gift and God blesses them with the gift.

To be able to walk and talk with God is a wonderful thing. God is awesome and yet the fact that He wants to communicate with us is something too great to behold. He is a wonderful God and deeply personal and if you let Him speak to you, His words bring great comfort.

To prophesy, all you need to be able to do is to hear God speaking. All that is needed is for you to hear what He is saying and repeat it to the person that you are prophesying to. As you speak the words to the person you will see the effect that they are having on the person and at the end they might give you feedback.

Having personal prophecies over your life by voice are good, but sometimes it is better to have personal prophecies written down. To get a personal prophecy via email is beneficial. When it is printed out and put away in your special things it can be dragged out from time to time and read over to encourage you.

In the past few years I have prophesied to hundreds of people via email through a website that I run. All of the prophecies have been for free, but I do have a place on the site where people can donate money to the site. I have been pleased in recent weeks to see people donating money and I have been able to revamp the site and buy advertising.

If you have not got the gift of prophecy, I encourage you to pray this prayer with faith.

Dear Father

I come to you as a simple child expecting a gift that you freely will give. I ask you by faith to give me the gift of prophecy today so that I can bless others with it from this day on. Father speak to me and give me prophetic words for people from this day on and walk and talk to me. I will always use this gift to encourage and lift people up and do great works for you. In Jesus name I ask.

Now all you need to do is go to my website and read the profiles of the prophets there. Pick one that you feel comfortable with and ask the Father to give you a personal prophecy for them. Play some worship music or pray for half an hour and then sit down and type them a prophecy telling them in your email that you are practicing your new gift. Ask them to give you feedback. I have about ten people there that you can practice on. I am sure by the time you have got it right about five times that you will be confident.

God bless you

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