Enoch and Elijah to Be Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 - Here is Why!

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Published: 18th November 2010
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There is much debate in circles as to who the two witnesses will be. Many look at what people have done in the past and say that the plagues that the two witnesses will do point to the fact that Moses is going to be one of them, and the fact they both breathe fire means Elijah is going to be one, but there is a simpler truth.

It says quite plainly in the Bible that people are appointed to live, to die once and then comes the judgment. The only two people in the Bible that never died and it is recorded that they didn't die were Enoch the seventh from Adam and Elijah the prophet.

In order for the scripture to come true that every single person is going to die once, both Elijah and Enoch have to come back to earth and die.

Just because there are plagues does not mean Moses has to come back. I have spoken a judgment over a town and that town was judged by God. Any person of faith can walk in the anointing of Moses. Jesus said that some people would even do more than Him.

A famous Indian Apostle had many visits to heaven. In one of his visit Dr D.G.S Dhinakaran, met both Enoch and Elijah in heaven. He said they were the only two people he ever saw in heaven that didn't have spirit bodies in heaven. He said they had bodies of flesh and that they shone like gold. He mentions this in his book, "An Insight into Heaven."

Yes, Jesus did say that Elijah had come in John the Baptist, yet the same can be said about a dog that reminds you of another that you have had. John the Baptist however did not fulfill the prophecy that says he will come shortly before the Great and terrible Day of the Lord.

Many people living today think that they are one of the two witnesses. This is not so!. Enoch and Elijah will not be born to the world in a new baby's body. They will simply arrive I reckon, the very same day that the Beast is elected to run the world.

Be blessed

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