5 Simple Tips How to Make a Successful Man Chase After You - Show Him You're a Keeper

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Published: 25th November 2010
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If you are an attractive independent women with many dating opportunities how do you get that special man to chase you with all his might and power? If you are worth keeping and not just one of the women he beds, how do you set yourself so he knows you are a keeper? Here are 5 tips:

Make him work for it

If he is a player, rich, handsome and successful he is used to having women do whatever they can to have him. To be a player of successful man an easy catch is no fun at all. Let him ask you three times for a date before you can fit him into your busy schedule. If he does not believe you offer to show him your appointment book and this will have him back off with real respect. If he says he wants to see it, tell him you are not going to date a man that needs to see proof and drop him right away.

Big successful men like to go game fishing. They will pay thousands of dollars for the opportunity to catch a Marlin and very few times do they get a hookup but they will go again and again to have the thrill of the catch. If you are going to thrill a man that can have any lady in the room, you have to be that lady that will say no to him three times.

Have some great times

When you have him out on a date and he is very happy to be with you tell him that you want to go exploring with him. Have about ten things that you want to try out and experience in your city and tell him you want to share them with him. When you do these special and romantic things with him, he will come to really love doing great things with you.

He will remember the fun things and you will be part of that memory. You see you want to be on his mind a lot and a lot more than any other women that he knows. Remember women are throwing themselves unashamedly at your man, but many of them have been boring dates. You are the one that has raised the bar for him.

Give him some space

It is vital that you give you man space so ha has plenty of time away from you so he can think about you and miss you. If you move in with him or are always with him, he will never know how much he loves you as he has never had the chance to be apart from you.

You have to prove you are a good part of his life but allow him to be busy and the man he was before he met you. He has to keep his identity but also want to have you as part of his world.

Being busy and un-available to him also makes you hot property to him and so very different to the women that have smothered him in the past.

Show him he is an important part of your life.

If you have wonderful girlfriends be sure to invite him on a night on a night out with them all. Let him see that you are important to him and that your girlfriends can be his friends too and that you are proud of him. If you have people you love at work invite him to staff dinners and staff get togethers. Show him that he is part of your world and a special part of it.

Take as long as you can before you have sex with him

As a Christian I would never have sex with a lady outside of marriage. If you have courage to tell him that you have promised yourself that you are not going to have sex with a man until he marries with you, this will really impress a man who wants you. If you have been out on dates and he has fallen for you a real man will honor this and consider marrying you.

If you think sex is healthy outside of marriage which most people think these days, make it a few months before you have sex with the man. In this way he will know that you are not easy to get and do not give yourself away to just anyone.

Either way is a hand you should play.

I hope this is informative to you.

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