3 Keys to the Lord Increasing Your Anointing

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Published: 24th November 2010
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Many people would like more power to do the work of the Lord. There are keys to an increase in anointing of God in your life and we discuss them here.

Key 1 More prayer and worship

The more time that you spend with the Lord has an effect on the level of you anointing. This does not mean a person can spend 5 hours a day with the Lord and have an anointing like Benny Hinn or Heidi Baker who spend that time with the Lord each day, but spending time with the Lord will serve to make your anointing that the Lord has given you the maximum that it can be.

Worship also adds to the anointing an couples with prayer has a great effect on the power that the Lord will give you on a day to day basis.

Key 2 Obedience

The Lord likes his people to obey Him and the more that you do that the Lord has called you to do, the more anointing the Lord will give you to minister with. The life of faith has many challenges and many things that the Lord wants us to do and overcome. The more we obey the more we are rewarded when it comes to an increase in our anointing.

Key 3 Walking in our calling

Many people live a Christian life right outside of where the Lord has called them to take part in life. It is imperative therefore to find the calling that the Lord has for us and to actively pursue it. When we are walking in our calling God sees fir to equip us with the power to get the job done.

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